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Neural Network
Neural Network

Neural Network

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Memory + endurance support


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Product Overview

Neural Network is a unique nootropic that was designed to support memory and ability to withstand fatigue.

The ingredients in Neural Network include:

  • Bacopa monnieri - 300 mg
  • Rhodiola rosea - 200 mg
  • Ginko biloba - 200 mg

Bacopa monnieri is an Indian herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. Several studies have shown that bacopa to improve memory while reducing anxiety.

Rhodiola rosea is an herb that has been studied extensively (included by the military) for its ability to reduce fatigue. Several studies have validated Rhodiola in this capacity.

Ginko biloba has also been shown to have memory-enhancing properties in several studies.

In studies, use of these herbs generally required 4-6 weeks of consistent use to show an effect. The smart bottle and app is intended to provide the support required to reach these levels of consistent use.

The doses used in Neural Network are recommended based on levels seen to be effective in studies.

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